Payment for all services are due in full on completion. Payment may be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express as well as EFT an Check with prior approval.

By using our services you agree to make full payment at the time service is completed you also agree to an expressed mechanics lein placed on the vehicle identified by the vehicle identification number listed on the service invoice to secure payment in full for services provided in the event that a vehicle is released before a payment is processed, or any portion of a payment thats in process, already processed has failed to process or been resended for any reason.

If payment is accepted through a PO you agree to pay the pre agreed amount in full as invoiced once finalized invoices are non negotiable.

A $10 rebilling fee may be added to any partially paid invoice that must be resubmitted for payment invoices may be resubmitted up to 9 months from the final payment an a 1.5% late fee may be assessed.

NOTICE: if you are receiving our service through a 3rd party such as an insurance or motor club you agree as the end consumer you are responsible for any amount not paid by a 3rd party and all previous mention policy applies.

In the event you do not agree to any portion of these terms do not use our service.

Use of our service constitutes consent to this policy.