ETA or estimated time of arrival

Is exactly that an estimation or a guess of what time it's likely a driver will be to that location, our dispatchers work hard to give a proper expectation of when a driver should be on scene however a lot of factors can affect the ETA some of them include. Unexpected weather, improper service location, customers not being present at the vehicle when the driver arrives, the service needed is not the service the driver was dispatched for or additional services were needed.

                                  HOW WE DISPATCH

SPARTAN EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE generally dispatches calls on a first come first serve basis that is when a request is made for service it is then matched with a driver who has the proper equipment for the service and is either closest to the location or expected to be the closest to the location when that driver has completed prior dispatches all customers are treated with the same priority regardless of whom originated the service however on rare occasions we may deviate from this an example of this: A driver has been dispatched to a service location in the city however another customer is on the highway with a flat tire and is near to or in the direct route of the driver and the driver reasonable believes they can complete this service and stay within the eta of the previously dispatched calls. We are servicing calls as fast as we possibly can an we are still providing excellent quality service. 

We use Tow book for digital dispatching you can send e-mail dispatches to (if this is your companies first dispatch please call 517-862-2971 to verify we have received it.)